News: What does winter weather mean for runway use?

At the moment, it does not look like it is going to be a very cold winter. But between now and the end of March we could still have freezing temperatures, snow, ice and thawing. And if this part of the world is affected by snow or freezing conditions, we will do all that we can to ensure that planes can land and take off as planned.

Published on: 11 December 2019

Situation normal?

When temperatures dip a few degrees below zero, or if there is a small hail storm or even some light snowfall, there is little or no effect on airport operations. In these conditions, the runways can still be used as planned. Other factors can still influence runway use, though, such as maintenance work, high winds or limited visibility due to fog or low cloud.

Restricted use plan

When a lot of snow and ice is forecast, there is a special winter protocol which swings into action. In the event of heavy snowfall, we can choose to switch to the ‘restricted use’ plan, which means using fewer runways for take-offs and landings. Only a limited number of aircraft can take off and land. The runways that are in use are regularly cleared of snow by snow sweepers. We can also prevent ice from forming on the runway using antifreeze fluid. Our fleet of snow vehicles will work around the clock (in shifts) to minimise the impact of the weather conditions on runway use.

Runway use during periods of snow and ice

When winter weather affects runway use, we will announce this as promptly as possible. There is information about current runway use on the LVNL website. If you have travel plans and cold winter weather is forecast, please check the latest information for travellers.