News: Temporary alternative runway use

On 20 April we began following an adjusted runway use plan, and the airport’s noise impact is currently distributed differently across the local area. This will continue until 7 July. There are several reasons for this alternative runway use.

Published on: 4 June 2019

Maintenance on the A8 Taxiway began on 3 May and will be underway until 7 May. This has already resulted in increased use of the Zwanenburgbaan and Aalsmeerbaan runways, and reduced use of the Kaagbaan runway. Those changes may have led you to experience more disturbance than expected. We want to be as transparent as possible about the runway use, and the impact that has on the environment. Improvements were expected in this area. Schiphol and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) will evaluate and draw lessons from this situation.

Maintenance work on the taxiway is following a strict timetable and people are working around the clock to make sure everything is ready on schedule. Taxiway A8 is used intensively, mainly as an approach route to Runway 06-24 but also for traffic taxiing to and from the gates. This has damaged the asphalt top layer and the foundations, which are currently being repaired. The lighting is also being made more sustainable, by switching from halogen lamps to LED bulbs, and rainwater drainage is being extended.

LVNL installed Electronic Flight Strips (EFS) between 20 April and 1 June. This new system makes air traffic at Schiphol even safer and more efficient. As a previous announcement explained, more extensive use was made of parallel runway combinations to ensure an efficient installation. This altered the noise impact. In particular, more use was made of Runways 18L-36R and 18C-36C, while Runway 06-24 was used less. This period overlapped with the period of maintenance work on Taxiway 8.

This work was also affected by the weather, especially the predominantly northerly wind.

If you would like to know which runway is in use right now, visit (in Dutch) for up-to-date information on runway use.