News: Schiphol Annual Report places second in Transparency Benchmark

Published on: 25 November 2016

With only one point less than first place winner Alliander, Schiphol Group earned second place in the Transparency Benchmark on Thursday 17 November. The Ministry of Economic Affairs' Transparency Benchmark is used to analyse the contents and quality of reporting by the top 500 Dutch companies each year. The study focuses on non-financial social themes. Consequently, this second place award represents public recognition of Schiphol's open and integral reporting.

Public recognition

'We are extremely proud of this result', said Schiphol Group's Chief Financial Officer Els de Groot. 'We came in seventh last year; plus, we won the innovation award. In our 2015 Annual Report we also communicate openly and honestly about our results and policy. This second place encourages us to continue on this path'.

'The airport addresses a number of very concrete dilemmas in its reporting', said the jury. 'These dilemmas not only concern the current situation but also address the position the airport will occupy in the future'. The jury also expressed its admiration for the accessible design of the Schiphol annual report.