News: Scheduled maintenance of take-off and landing runways

Some runways will be unavailable for the next few months as a result of scheduled maintenance. This means that the other runways will be used more intensively, which will have consequences for the noise impact on the local community.

Published on: 4 June 2019

The maintenance schedule is as follows:

  • 14–21 July: Runway 09-27
  • 1–16 September: Runway 06-24
  • 23 September to 7 October: Runway 18L-36R
  • 6–14 October: Runway 18R-36L
  • 27 October to 11 November: Runway 04-22

If you would like to know which runway will be substituted in that period, and the reasons why, visit (in Dutch) for up-to-date information on runway use.