News: Runway 06-24 closed for two weeks

Increase in air traffic on runways 18L-36R, 09-27 and 18C-36C

From 24 February to 11 March, Runway 06-24 will be closed for maintenance. During this period, air traffic will be redirected to runways 18L-36R and 18C-36C, and Runway 09-27 will see an increase in departing flights. Runway 18C-36C will be the main runway used for nighttime air traffic. As a result, people living in the surrounding area may experience more noise nuisance during this period.

Published on: 22 February 2019

Will I be experiencing more or less nuisance during this period?

That depends on where you live. Runway 06-24 will be out of service until 11 March. The green area on the map above, to the southwest of Runway 06-24, will experience a decrease in air-traffic nuisance during this period. The red areas south of Runway 18L-36R and northeast of Runway 18C-36C, on the other hand, will experience more nuisance. Nighttime air traffic that would normally make use of Runway 06-24 will now be redirected through Runway 18C-36C. In rare instances of exceptionally strong winds from the southwest, runways 04-22 and 09-27 may also be used.

Why is runway maintenance necessary?

Our runways receive regular maintenance to keep them in good condition and ensure the safety of our travellers. During this maintenance period, we will be building a new runway station at Runway 06-24, as the existing station needs to be replaced. The new station will serve as a control centre for the lighting and signage on the runway and the surrounding taxiways. Because the new runway station will be located on the other side of Runway 06-24, we need to install high-voltage cables underneath the tarmac. We will use the opportunity provided by this unavoidable downtime to carry out other maintenance work on the runway itself. During this period, Runway 06-24 will also serve as a taxiway while the surrounding taxiways are out of service.

Who can I contact if I have questions or complaints about air-traffic nuisance?

To share your questions, comments and complaints, go to If you would like to know more about nuisance, flight paths and runway use, check out our Schiphol as a neighbour page.