News: Polderbaan unavailable for several hours on 23 March

On Tuesday 1 March, the Polderbaan Runway will be unavailable to air traffic from 06.30 until 17.00. This is because of an extensive test being conducted on the runway lighting. We are doing this test in order to fine tune the controls and runway lighting. Air traffic will make more frequent use of the Zwanenburgbaan Runway on this day.

Nachtvlucht Polderbaan

Published on: 21 March 2022

Fine tuning the lights

After major maintenance was carried out on the Polderbaan Runway last year, it became evident that the runway lighting required further adjustments in order to prevent potential malfunctions in the future. On 23 November and 1 March, tests were carried out with alternative settings of the controllers. However, this has not yet resulted in a definitive solution. Therefore, on 23 March, further tests will be carried out to further measure and adjust the lighting. This can only take place when the runway isn’t in use.

Timing of the tests

Testing will be carried continuously during the day. They cannot be carried out at night because an uninterrupted period of 10 hours at night-time would be too long for the whole team to remain alert. And if we split the tests up into shorter periods, the Polderbaan would be unavailable for a longer period of time.

Find out more about runway use on this day at Dutch).