News: More air traffic south of Schiphol due to maintenance from 27 October

Residents living south and southeast of Schiphol can expect to see and hear more air traffic between Sunday evening, 27 October until Sunday, 15 December than at other times. The Kaagbaan Runway will hardly be used during this period due to works on the A8 motorway. Air traffic will therefore be dependent on the Aalsmeerbaan and the Zwanenburgbaan Runways for take-offs, landings and from the southerly direction.

Published on: 10 October 2019

If you live in Aalsmeer, Rijsenhout, Kudelstaart, Uithoorn, De Kwakel, (southern) Amstelveen, Ouderkerk a/d Amstel or in the ‘Groene Hart’ (including Nieuwkoop, Bodegraven, Reeuwijk and Gouda), you may experience more aircraft noise during this period. That will be particularly between 7.00-22.30. We apologise for any inconvenience that you may experience from us as a result.

Why the Kaagbaan Runway is not being used for taxiing

The taxiway that is undergoing maintenance is lane A8. It is part of a double ring-road for aircraft at Schiphol, which is comparable to that which circles Amsterdam. One of the lanes will not be available during the maintenance period and the taxiing traffic must all cross the other lane. That means there will be 2-way traffic at one of Schiphol’s busiest intersections. It will only be possible to taxi on either the Kaagbaan or Aalsmeerbaan runways. For safety reasons, we cannot simultaneously use the Zwanenburgbaan and Kaagbaan Runways in a southern direction; Air Traffic Control the Netherlands will be forced to use the Aalsmeerbaan more frequently during the maintenance period. Please note that aircraft can only use the Kaagbaan Runway in low-traffic conditions.

For more information or questions about air traffic during the works on the A8 motorway, please visit or call 020-6015555.