News: Launch of Schiphol Social Council

On 1 July 2023, the Schiphol Social Council (MRS) was launched. This is where local residents and civil society organisations can go if they want to be involved in the development of Schiphol airport policy and the effects of air traffic on the living environment. The Schiphol Social Council is the successor to the Schiphol Regional Council (ORS).

Published on: 6 July 2023

Solicited and unsolicited advice

The MRS is made up of representatives who live in the vicinity of Schiphol’s runways and civil society organisations. These representatives are supported by a team of experts. The MRS wants to help the government find a new equilibrium between air traffic and quality of life. The council will do that by actively seeking dialogue with society and by issuing both solicited and unsolicited advice regarding Schiphol to the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management. The minister is obliged to respond to this advice.

Composition MRS

The Schiphol Social Council is made up of the following resident representatives:

  • Aalsmeerbaan Runway: Jan Boomhouwer (inner area), Mirella Visser (outlying area)
  • Buitenveldertbaan and Schiphol-Oostbaan runways: Marcel Döpp (inner area), Jeroen Wester (outlying area)
  • Kaagbaan Runway: Arnoud Hendriks (inner area), Matt Poelmans (outlying area)
  • Polderbaan Runway: Jenke Haverhals (inner area), Wil Spaanderman (outlying area)
  • Zwanenburgbaan Runway: Cees Steur (inner area), Wouter Looman (outlying area)

The following persons are representatives of civil society organisations:

  • Sijas Akkerman (Natuur- en Milieufederatie Noord-Holland)
  • Walter Etty (Rover)
  • Renske Schouwink (Jongerenmilieuraad)
  • Achmed Baâdoud (MKB Metropool Amsterdam)

This team of experts is supporting the Schiphol Social Council:

  • Dr. Christine Bleijenberg (participation)
  • Prof. dr. Paul Peeters (sustainable mobility and aeronautical engineering)
  • Prof. dr. Dick Simons (noise)
  • Em. Prof. Jan Struiksma (environmental law)
  • Dr. ir. Saskia van der Zee (health)

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