News: Internships or graduating at Schiphol

If you live close to Schiphol and would like to do an internship for your school or studies, we have more than 100 different internships available at the airport. These include I.T., communication and airside construction projects. You are very welcome to come and gain experience with us.

Published on: 10 February 2020

Schiphol as a starting point for careers

Schiphol is a major employer in the region and a place where students from all over the Netherlands gain important work experience. We are always on the search for talented people who would like to make a flying start in their field, whether students from MBO, or WO. Students like Cher van Slobbe (24), who is doing graduation research at Schiphol for her Master's in Strategic Product Design at TU Delft.

“The airport is a complex logistics hub that offers an endless number of starting points for research. I delve into the logistics processes behind products that are sold after customs. For instance, the millions of water bottles that are sold every year. This raises questions such as: how can logistics be organised more efficiently in and around Schiphol, and what opportunities are there to improve the passenger experience in the terminal? I have about a hundred days to complete that puzzle!”

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