News: Enter our competition to win this beautiful photo

Do you want to win this unique photo taken by plane spotter Dennis Dieleman from Alkmaar? The image is currently part of the pop-up exhibition 'Spotters in the spotlight’, but it may soon be hanging on your wall! Send an e-mail to before Friday 16 July 2021 stating why you want to win this photo. And who knows…?

Published on: 8 July 2021

About the photo

Dennis photographs aircraft in the most extreme, special circumstances. He says: 'This photo was taken at the end of the Kaagbaan Runway. In the summer, the sun occasionally rises exactly in line with the end of the runway. Depending on the height and the amount of cloud cover, this produces spectacular images. This sunrise cast very beautiful pastel shades into the sky.’

Who's going to win?

The editors of the Schiphol neighbour newsletter will select the winner from all entries submitted before Friday 16 July, 2021. We will then contact you personally about where and when you will receive the photo. This competition is especially for subscribers to the Schiphol neighbour newsletter. Do you want to join? Then first sign up for the neighbour’s newsletter here.