News: Aalsmeerbaan runway usable for air traffic as from 6 July

After having been used as a parking lot for more than three months, the Aalsmeerbaan runway will be usable again as a runway for air traffic from 6 July. This will mean that neighbours living under the flight path to and from the runway can experience noise nuisance from take-off and landing aircraft from this runway. Just like the Zwanenburgbaan runway and the Buitenveldertbaan runway, the Aalsmeerbaan runway is used as an extra runway or when the wind and weather conditions and/or the availability of the other runways demand it.

Aalsmeerbaan vanaf 6 juli weer inzetbaar voor vliegverkeer

Published on: 24 June 2020

Runway use

We prefer to use the Polderbaan runway and the Kaagbaan runway for air traffic. If necessary, the Aalsmeerbaan runway can also be used from 6 July at peak times. Which runway will be used depends on the availability, safety, visibility, wind and weather conditions, environmental rules and rules for runway use. Find out more about runway use at Schiphol.

What you can expect as a resident south of Schiphol

At peak times, an extra runway is used. This can be the Aalsmeerbaan runway, but also the Zwanenburgbaan runway or the Buitenveldertbaan runway. We expect a peak moment in the morning (between approximately 09:00 - 10:00 hours) with mainly departing flights and in the afternoon (between approximately 13:00 and 14:00 hours) with mainly landing air traffic. From 6 July, the Aalsmeer runway can be used in the morning at the take-off peak in case of wind from a southerly direction and in the afternoon at the landing peak in case of wind from a northerly direction.Read more about runway combinations.

For more information about the use of the Aalsmeerbaan runway, please go (Dutch only). Call 020-6015555 if you have any questions regarding air traffic and runway use.