News: Aalsmeerbaan Runway undergoes its annual maintenance 22-31 May

The Aalsmeerbaan Runway is undergoing maintenance from Monday 22 May to Wednesday 31 May. As a result, this runway is not available for air traffic. Aircraft that would usually take off from or land on the Aalsmeerbaan will make more frequent use of the other runways during this period. During peak times, the Buitenveldertbaan Runway will be mainly used as a second runway.

Published on: 3 May 2023

Repairs, cleaning and cutting the grass

The maintenance on the Aalsmeerbaan includes making repairs to the runway and renewing it where necessary. We are also going to clean the lights, check the cables and electrics, and cut the grass around the runway. The runway's drainage system will also be flushed out. We are carrying out these works in collaboration with construction company Heijmans. Because the Aalsmeerbaan Runway is not available for air traffic at this time, we also have the opportunity to check the surrounding taxiways and update the signage.

Follow air traffic live

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