News: A look ahead at air traffic 27 July – 2 August 2020

Now that air traffic is picking up again, Schiphol, Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) and BAS are keeping the neighbours up-to-date with what you can expect in the period ahead regarding airspace and runways for take-off and landing. We do this using a fact sheet that shows the number of flights per day and peak times in the coming week. We also look back on the past week.

Take a look at the fact sheet on (Dutch only).

Published on: 24 July 2020

Peak moments

This week, we expect an outbound peak between 09.20 - 10.40. The inbound peaks are to be expected between 07.40 - 08.20 in the morning and between 13.00-14.00 in the afternoon. Whether or not an extra runway will be used, depends on the demand at that particular time and other factors like weather conditions.

Runway maintenance

Due to maintenance work, the Zwanenburgbaan will be temporarily out of use from 27 to 31 July between the hours of 14.00 and 23.00. On Tuesday 28 July, the Buitenveldertbaan will also be unavailable from 7.00-14.00. Wednesday 29 July, the Schiphol-Oostbaan is out of use from 7.00-15.00. The works on the runways may cause extra air traffic on the available runways (Aalsmeerbaan and Buitenveldertbaan) during those hours.

Take a look at the fact sheet on (Dutch only)