News: Air traffic at Schiphol due to the corona virus

You have without a doubt heard that the corona virus has had major consequences for the aviation industry. That obviously impacts air traffic at Schiphol. Many flights have been cancelled. However, Schiphol is remaining open to receive flights with amenities, medical supplies, goods and emergency services. That means we expect fewer passenger flights but more cargo flights in the near future.

Published on: 18 March 2020

Smaller scale Schiphol

There have been almost 50% less passengers at Schiphol compared to 2019 in recent days. Schiphol is now working on scenarios whereby activities and employment at the airport will be temporarily much smaller, because of the corona virus developments and restrictions on overseas travel. However, the airport will remain open for passenger flights that are still yet to arrive and depart, cargo flights, repatriation flights, alternative aircraft and flights from emergency services.

Runway use

We expect to have at least two runways in use at Schiphol during this period. One will be used for planes to take-off and the other will be used for them to land. If there are northerly winds, preference will be given to the Polderbaan Runway for departing air traffic and the Kaagbaan Runway for landings. It is the other way around if there is southerly wind. In addition, it may still be necessary to use an extra runway at times with more air traffic. The runways that are in use depend on availability, safety, visibility, wind and weather conditions, environmental rules and runway rules.

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