News: Aalsmeerbaan runway becomes aircraft parking

Schiphol will be using the Aalsmeerbaan runway as a parking area for aircraft. As a result, the runway will be out of use for air traffic for an indefinite period from Saturday 28 March. Due to the exceptional situation created by the corona crisis, 75% fewer aircraft took off and landed than normal in recent days. You can still hear aircraft flying over, because the airport remains open.

Published on: 28 March 2020

Standing still instead of taking off

The world, the Netherlands and therefore Schiphol are in an exceptional situation. Due to the corona crisis, air traffic is very limited. Nevertheless, the airport remains open for passenger flights still arriving and departing, cargo flights, repatriation flights, aircraft taking evasive action and emergency service flights. But most of the aircraft remain on the ground, and space is needed for that. We use the Aalsmeerbaan runway for this purpose. It is expected that the first aircraft will be parked on the runway on Sunday, March 29. This will become more and more during next week.

Polderbaan and Kaagbaan runways in use

Because there are more houses in the vicinity of the Aalsmeerbaan runway, more people can experience hindrance when this runway is in use for air traffic. That’s why we prefer to use the Kaagbaan and the Polderbaan runways for take-offs and landings and use this runway for parking. Which runway will be used for air traffic in the coming period depends on the availability, safety, visibility, wind and weather conditions, environmental rules and rules for runway use. The Zwanenburgbaan runway and Buitenveldertbaan runway can also be used if circumstances demand it. The runway use at night will be no different. However, the number of night flights will be less than usual for the time being.

Parking puzzle

Schiphol checks daily what is needed to provide the best possible service to the air traffic that still departs and arrives. In addition to passenger flights, these are mainly repatriation flights and cargo flights that fly in medical supplies such as bandages, mouth caps, goggles and gloves. There are more cargo flights than normal during this period, and these cargo flights require aprons and gates. Aircraft cannot stay parked there, because after handling the cargo, they have to make room for the next one. This makes it puzzling every day where which aircraft can park and if it can stay there. In total Schiphol has about 200 parking spaces for aircraft. We are now expanding this number with the use of the Aalsmeerbaan runway and by creating extra spaces near the hangars.

Any questions?

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