Working safely and responsibly at Schiphol

If you work at Schiphol, you know that the developments surrounding the corona virus have had a significant impact on the airport. It is great to see that our colleagues are all coming together to restore confidence in safe and responsible travel. To achieve that, it is very important that we are well aware of the measures that apply at Schiphol ourselves and that we adhere to them at all times. We’re thankful to you for helping us with that.

Latest Schiphol updates

Because the situation at Schiphol keeps changing, we would like to give you up to date information on the coronavirus and Schiphol.

26 June - Face mask required

We would like to remind you about the fact that wearing a face mask is still mandatory everywhere inside the Schiphol terminal, even after June 26, for everyone over the age of 13. This applies to both travelers and staff. Face masks should be worn everywhere in the terminal, both on landside (Schiphol Plaza, arrival and departure halls) as well as on airside, after security.

The standard rule to keep one and a half meters distance between persons still applies. In places where this is not always possible, such as at airports, stations and on public transportation, wearing a face mask is still mandatory. The mask may only be temporarily removed while eating or drinking.

You can find more information from the Government here.

22 January - Consequences curfew

The government has decided that the curfew will be introduced.
This means that everyone stays indoors between 9 p.m. and 4.30 a.m. as from Saturday January 23. For all information about the curfew, please visit the central government website: Coronavirus COVID-19 |

Do you need to be outside during curfew hours because of work duties on Schiphol? That is possible, only if you have a valid reason. You demonstrate this valid reason with the following:

  • A personal declaration
    The employee is responsible for completing this personal declaration. You can find the form here:

  • A declaration from your employer
    Your employer should provide you with this document. You can find the form here:

  • Schiphol-badge
    In addition to the two declarations, an employee should always carry his/her Schiphol-badge.

Please note: it is essential that an employee carries both printed or digital statements with him.

Opening hours retail

Furthermore, there are currently no additional changes for Retail at the airport compared to the measures that took effect on December 15 (start of lockdown). Essential stores such as drug stores close at 8 p.m. at the latest. Shops that sell food, such as supermarkets, close at 8.45 p.m. at the latest. There is no food and beverage offer at Schiphol Plaza after 8.45 p.m., with the exception of the Health Food Wall. Food & beverage on airside remains unchanged.

21 January - Consequences new corona measures

The Dutch government announced their intention to soon put a nightly curfew in place. This means that you are not allowed to be outside between 20:30 and 04:30, from the moment the curfew is effective until Wednesday February 10. The House of Representatives will discuss this with the cabinet on 21 January. If they approve, the curfew will likely come into effect this Saturday or Sunday.

Do you have to carry out essential work duties at Schiphol and therefore need to be outside during curfew hours? In order to prove that you have a valid reason to be outside, as an employee you need two documents:

  • A personal declaration
    This form still needs to be drawn up by the government and will soon be available at

  • A declaration from your employer
    This form will also be drawn up by the government. Your employer should subsequently provide this document to you.

For more information check the website of the Dutch government.

13 January - Measures extended: what impact does this have on Schiphol?

On 12 January, it was announced that the previously instated lockdown in the Netherlands has been extended until February 9. The government has also issued a travel warning that will last until April 2021.

What impact does this have on Schiphol?
The government’s travel warning applies until April. This means that Dutch citizens are strongly advised not to travel abroad unless absolutely necessary. We remind travellers of this advice and ask them to take responsibility. Schiphol remains open for passenger flights, cargo flights, emergency services and diverted flights.

The same rules apply at the airport as in the rest of the Netherlands: all shops are closed, with the exception of grocery stores, drugstores, the pharmacy, Service Point and Seal & Go. Locations offering financial services are to remain open. All eating and drinking facilities before security (such as at Schiphol Plaza) are closed. Take away services are still available. A limited number of food and beverage outlets remain open for travellers in the areas after security.

Anybody flying to the Netherlands from abroad who is 13 years or older is required to show the airline a negative COVID-19 test declaration. You must keep this declaration with you throughout your entire journey. The negative test declaration may be checked upon arrival at Schiphol. This obligation applies to almost all travellers flying to Schiphol, including transfer passengers. The declaration is also mandatory for Dutch citizens. Only travellers coming from an EU-designated ‘safe country' are exempt from this rule. This must be a PCR-test that tests for Sars-Cov-2/COVID-19. LAMP-PCR tests are also allowed. Read more about this on the website of the Dutch government.

Furthermore, travellers arriving in the Netherlands are urgently requested to self-quarantine for 10 days after arrival. As of 20 January 2021, travellers who have come from high-risk areas will be able to get tested at their local health authority (GGD) 5 days after arrival.

15 december - Tougher measures: Netherlands in lockdown

Since 15 December, there are tougher measures against coronavirus in the Netherlands. In addition to food and drink establishments, all non-essential shops and places such as museums and cinemas have to close. The government has also issued a travel warning that will last until the middle of March 2021.

What impact does this have on Schiphol?

The government’s travel warning applies until mid-March. This means that Dutch citizens are strongly advised not to travel abroad unless absolutely necessary. We remind travellers of this advice and ask them to take responsibility. Schiphol remains open for passenger flights, cargo flights, emergency services and diverted flights.

The same rules apply at the airport as in the rest of the Netherlands: all shops are closed with the exception of Albert Heijn, the drugstores and the Service Point. Locations offering financial services will also remain open. All eating and drinking facilities before security (such as at Schiphol Plaza) will be closed. Take away services are still available. Food and beverage outlets will remain open for travellers in the areas after security.

1 December - Face mask required

Since 1 December 2020 anyone over the age of 13 must wear a face mask at our airport. From Schiphol Plaza to the passenger boarding bridge. This also applies to all employees, with the exception of colleagues behind a cough screen/split screen.

15 October - Download the CoronaMelder app

Help prevent the spread of the coronavirus: download the CoronaMelder app. The app gives you a notification when you have been in the vicinity of someone diagnosed with corona so that you can take appropriate measures.

How does the app work? The app sends you a notification if you have been near someone who later tested positive for coronavirus, and you were around them for more than 15 minutes. But only if that person is also using the app. The app detects whether you were close to someone using Bluetooth. The closer you are, the stronger the Bluetooth signal. The app does not know where you were or who you are.

Have you received a notification? Then you are strongly advised to stay at home for up to 10 days from the date of contact with an infected person. If you develop symptoms within those 10 days or afterwards, please have yourself tested.

You can download the app here

Note: The app can only be used in the Netherlands.

4 September - Wear your face mask in all passenger areas

As of 7 September two locations in the terminal will be added to the list where it is mandatory to wear a face mask, namely the reclaim halls and the entrance to the COVID-19 testing centre. This applies to passengers and staff. It is mandatory to wear a non-medical face mask in places where maintaining a 1.5 metre distance cannot be guaranteed. Even though a face mask is not mandatory in all passenger areas, we do urge everyone to wear a face mask in those areas. At the vast majority of European airports, wearing a face mask throughout the airport is obligatory. Schiphol would like to align with international policy to provide travellers with the level of clarity they expect from us.

31 August - Have you returned from an area with 'code orange' or 'code red' travel advice?

Are you returning from a holiday or visit to relatives in a country or area with 'code orange' or 'code red' travel advice? In that case, stay at home and self-quarantine. Are you experiencing any symptoms? Have yourself tested. That will prevent you from infecting colleagues.

The travel advice changes regularly. To consult the most up-to-date travel advice issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visit the website Netherlands Worldwide.

11 August - Testing centre at Schiphol for travellers returning from high-risk areas coming soon

A testing centre for travellers arriving from countries with an orange or red travel advisory will be set up shortly. The testing centre will be located in Arrival Hall 3. The tests will be carried out by the Public Health Service (GGD) of Kennemerland.

The travel advisories issued by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be found on the website Netherlands Worldwide.

The testing centre is an addition to the measures already in place at Schiphol. We work closely with all relevant governments, authorities and airline partners to ensure that everyone can travel safely and responsibly.

28 July - Additional measures face mask policy 01/08

The number of travellers is increasing, and with it the crowd levels in the terminal. To ensure the safety of our travellers and employees, it is mandatory to wear a non-medical face mask in areas where 1.5 metres distance cannot be maintained. This applies to both employees and travellers.

This policy has been in place since the 15th of July and is part of the protocol ‘A safe and responsible journey’ drawn up by the aviation sector and the Dutch government.

Additional measures face mask policy 01/08

In addition to this current policy, as of 1st of August staff passing through one of the staff security filters must also wear a face mask. This means both in the terminal and towards airside (security checkpoints). Kmar and Douane staff will also wear a face mask when they are walking around in one of the passenger areas where wearing a face mask is already mandatory.

Research carried out recently has shown that travellers would appreciate it if staff wore face masks at the locations where they are required to wear face masks. This uniform approach contributes to a positive passenger experience and to safety at our airport.

What does this mean in practice?

Wearing a face mask in and around the terminal is also mandatory for all employees at Schiphol at the following locations:

  • Check-in*
  • Securityfilters travellers
  • Securityfilters staff**
  • Odd-size and Reclaim
  • KMar filters*
  • Boarding gates*
  • Buses between car park and terminal
  • Buses between gate and plane

*Employees are not required to wear a face mask when they are behind a plexiglass screen.
**Employees passing through the security filters for staff must wear a face mask by 01-08-2020. The security staff at the filter already wears a face mask.

27 July - More infections: stay alert and follow the rules

The number of infections in the Netherlands has been rising in recent days. In the interests of your own health and for the safety at Schiphol, we would like to emphasise the following:

  • Stay home if you have any symptoms and if necessary have yourself tested.
  • Abide by all of the hygiene rules in place.
  • Maintain 1.5 metres distance from others. If this is impossible, wear a face mask.
  • Always wear your face mask where this is mandatory. These are the areas where passengers are also required to wear face masks, as well as at the staff entrances as of 1 August.
  • If you are arriving from a country with a Code Orange travel advice, for example returning from a holiday, you must self-quarantine at home for two weeks.

24 July - Arrival Filter 4 open 24/7 since 24 July

Due to the increasing number of flights at Piers G and H, Arrival Filter 4 has been open 24/7 every day since 24 July 2020. Only on nights when there are no flights may the Arrival Filter be closed after consultation between the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

16 July - 50.000 passengers; more parts of the terminal operational

Air traffic and passenger numbers are increasing the coming weeks. We're expecting days of more than 50.000 passengers. Therefore more parts of the infrastructure of the terminal will become operational. The early morning especially is a very busy period.

Departure filter 3 and departure filter 1

Since Monday July 13, departure filter 3 (VF3) is open again daily from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Departure filter 1 (VF1) will be in use in the morning from now on.


Since Monday 13 July Reclaim Hall 2 is fully operational again. The opening of Reclaim Hall 1 is planned for 17 July.

13 July ISMS - Teamwork for safe recovery

Are you going back to work and has it been a while since you worked on airside? You’re not the only one! Apart from that a lot of maintenance work took place recently, so that the infrastructure changed and on top of that operations are getting up to speed themselves as well.. Therefore teamwork is more important than ever. ISMS, the sector safety platform at Schiphol Airport, is therefore calling for staff to stay alert. Take care of yourself and your colleagues!

isms campagne backatwork

9 July - Help Schiphol comply with the coronavirus measures

Slowly but surely, air traffic to and from Schiphol is starting to pick up again. Although passenger numbers haven’t bounced back to pre-lockdown levels yet, we might still see some bottlenecks in our operations. To prevent these bottlenecks from occurring, and to ensure the safety of our staff and passengers, we’ve added a new functionality to the Airport Community app.

Help us collect important data

With the COVID-19 Safety Data functionality, you can now actively contribute to safety at Schiphol. All you have to do is answer six yes-or-no questions and indicate your location in the Airport Community app, which takes less than 30 seconds. The questions are specifically aimed at gaining insight into the extent to which people at the airport are complying with the Covid-19 measures (social distancing, wearing face masks where necessary) and making use of the disinfection zones. Your answers will help us get a better sense of what’s already going well and where there’s room for improvement.

The sky’s the limit!

You can share your insights by answering the questions at least once, but preferably several times each working day. You can complete the survey as many times as you like. If you have any questions or comments about the use of the COVID-19 Safety Data functionality, please send an email to

6 July - Aalsmeerbaan reopened for air traffic

Since 6 July, air traffic is able to use Runway 18L-36R (Aalsmeerbaan) to take off and land. Due to the coronavirus crisis, the runway had served as a parking space for aircraft since Saturday, 28 March.

Where possible, air traffic will continue to be handled at Runways 18R-36L and 06-24. Since of 6 July, Runway 18L-36R as well as Runways 18C-36C and 09-27 are ready for use if an additional runway is required as a result of the wind and weather conditions and/or the availability of the other runways.

3 July - P3 and Privium 3 Parking open again

P3 and Privium 3 Parking are open again since 3th July. We already received the first bookings. To better determine how many buses we need for a fast and safe transport to the terminal, we ask travellers to inform us during their online booking of the size of their family or group.

30 June - Upscaling of filters, departure lounges and piers starting 1 July

To deal with the increase in passenger volume, part of the terminal will be recommissioned on 1 July. The areas affected are Departure Lounges 3 and 4 as well as Piers G and MH. When required, some of the security filters may also be deployed as per 1 July, to wit Departure Filters 1 and 4 as well as Filter GH. Arrival Filter 4 will be taken into use again as well.

29 June - Schiphol Plaza traffic flow plan: your route in the terminal

A traffic flow plan has been developed for Schiphol Plaza to manage all of its traffic flows and allow for a distance of 1.5 metres. Based on this plan, we have fitted Plaza with stickers and modified wayfinding.

If your destination is in the terminal or at Plaza, we request that you follow this route:

  • Use doors A (near Café Rembrandt) or G (Koerierplein).
  • Walk along the retail area.

This measure will relieve the centre and public transport district of Plaza, ensuring that maximum capacity is available to the taxi, public transport and passenger target groups.

Should you need to go airside, try and use the entryways outside Plaza: Passageway S, Checkpoint 60 or Checkpoint 58.

You can view the traffic flow plan here (in Dutch).

26 June - Check out the new vending machines for face masks and gloves in the terminal

Vending machines for non-medical face masks, wet wipes, hand sanitiser and gloves will be installed at a range of locations in the terminal. These small packages are available in vending machines at Schiphol Plaza, the walkway and the departure lounges as well as across the area behind the security zone such as Departure Lounge 4, Filter EF, Pier D and the Pier B–Pier C corridor, among other places.

vending machine

19 June - More than 500 stand-alone sanitisers to be installed coming weeks

The first of the stand-alone sanitisers have been installed at the toilet blocks. Sanitisers will also be made available behind the security filters, at the top of the piers and in the departure and baggage reclaim halls. Until the middle of July, over 500 sanitisers will be installed in total.

hand sanitiser

Download the Airport Community app

Haven’t installed the Airport Community app on your phone or tablet yet? To download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play, follow this link. You can recognise the app by the logo below. If you already have the Airport Community app, it might be necessary to restart your phone or tablet if you want to use the COVID-19 Safety Data functionality.

More info on working safely and responsibly

  • Your personal health

    Working safely and responsibly at Schiphol starts with your personal health. We consider it to be the most important thing.

  • Travel to and from your workplace

    We continue to ask that you work from home as often as practicable. Do you need to be at the airport for work?

  • All measures at a glance

    We have taken measures for your safety and that of your colleagues and travellers in order to reduce the risk of a new outbreak of the coronavirus.