Visitor Passes: Employers

Is one of your employees receiving a visitor in Schiphol's restricted and/or clean areas of the airport? If so, he or she will need a Visitor Pass. As an employer, you will need to apply for these passes. Read how to do this here.


You can use eVesta to apply for a pass for your employees, during the opening hours of the Badge Centre. Submit your request as soon as possible, as this will allow sufficient time if the initial application is rejected.

Terms and conditions

To keep Schiphol safe and secure, strict rules apply to Visitor Passes, visitors and their escorts.

  • You can only apply for a Visitor Pass for employees who have a valid, permanent Schiphol Pass for the restricted and clean areas of the airport.
  • Schiphol Group has the right to reject a request for a Vehicle Pass without stating the reason for doing so.
  • Employees of embassies and consulates are not eligible for Visitor Passes.
  • Your employee can escort a maximum of five visitors.
  • Visitors must never be allowed in the protected areas without supervision.
  • Visitors below the age of 15 are not eligible for a Visitor Pass.

Review and approval

Requests for Visitor Passes are checked very carefully. Only work-related visits are permitted, and it must be clear which areas your employee is visiting. If the Badge Center approves your request, your employee can collect the Visitor Passes on the day itself at the CUIP desk. The visitors must be present when the passes are collected.

More about visitor pass

More information about applying for a Visitor Pass: