Travel to and from your workplace

We continue to ask that you work from home as often as practicable. If you need to be at the airport for work, please try and come by bike or car. Please try to avoid crowds by traveling outside rush hour if you have no option other than public transport.

Face masks on public transport

Wearing a face mask is mandatory on the train and bus. This also applies to buses to and from the car parks at Schiphol. There are fewer places available in public transport than were available earlier. As a result, you may have to wait for the next train or bus during busy periods. Please take the extra travel time into account in your travel schedule to and from your workplace.

Driving instead of public transport

If you normally travel to and from Schiphol by public transport, but now wish to come by car, please request a parking spot from your employer. This will be loaded on to your Schiphol Pass. You can then park your car at P5, P30 or P40.

  • Everything about employee parking

    You will find all information about staff parking at Schiphol here, so you can come to work conveniently and safely.

Parking measures

1.5-metres of distance should be maintained in car parks, as well as sheltered and unsheltered lots. There are markings everywhere that designate walking routes that will help you out. If you use the stairs or lift, please read the instructions carefully. You may have to wait or walk around because there are a maximum number of colleagues allowed in the elevator at one time, or because a staircase has become one-way traffic. Of course, we will keep all contact points extra clean, like handrails, doorknobs and automatic machines. It is wise to regularly wash your hands and touch as few objects as possible.

At the entrance of the terminal

As you know, many transport flows together in Schiphol Plaza and Jan Dellaertplein. That is why we have also taken measures there to maintain a 1-5-metre distance and to keep clear walking directions. There are separate, clearly-marked entrances and exits. Please adhere to these for your safety and that of your colleagues and travellers.