ECO₂ parking permits for staff: Caring for the environment

If you work at Schiphol, you may be eligible for a special ECO₂ parking permit. To qualify, you need to drive an environmentally-efficient small hybrid or electric car, and park at P30 or P40. Currently it is no longer possible to apply for a ECO₂ permit. You can however renew an existing one yearly.

Yearly renewal of an ECO₂ sticker

A ECO₂ sticker for P30 and P40 costs € 24 per year and is valid for a maximum of one calendar year, from 1 January to 31 December. If you have an ECO₂ space, you will be sent an email in October of each year inviting you to extend this privilege by a calendar year.

Don't have an ECO₂ sticker? Unfortunately it is no longer possible to request one.

Are you eligible for a sticker?

In order to be eligible for a renewal, your car must not pre-date the year 2000 and must have maximum emissions of 95 grams of CO₂ per kilometre. You can check this on The standard for environmentally friendly cars is revised every autumn. You will only be able to extend your ECO₂ sticker by a calendar year if your car still satisfies the CO₂ conditions.

Use of the sticker

The ECO₂ sticker will be mailed after Schiphol has received confirmation of your extension, together with the payment for the calendar year. Make sure that the sticker is clearly visible behind the windscreen when using an ECO₂ parking space. The sticker is strictly personal and may not be loaned, copied or modified in any way.

Sanctions for incorrect use

You are not permitted to use the priority parking spaces without a sticker. Regular checks are carried out. In the event of repeated infringements, the ECO₂ sticker may be withdrawn or you may even be banned from the staff car park.