Schiphol Traffic Coordination Centre: Choose the most logical route

The Schiphol Traffic Coordination Centre (VCC) provides employers and employees at the airport with information and advice on efficient, economical and sustainable commuter traffic. The foundation knows all about travel to and from Schiphol, offers interesting discounts and likes to think along with you about green transport options.

Benefits of sustainable transport

If you have an environmentally friendly small or hybrid car, you may be eligible for a conveniently located ECO2 parking space. If you drive an electric car, you can choose from special parking spaces with a charging point. For employees with a carpool sticker issued by the VCC, priority parking is available at P30 and P40.

Public transport discounts with the VCC

The VCC will be pleased to advise you about bus and train travel to and from your workplace at Schiphol. For example, did you know that Schiphol employees can often use the public transport at the airport free of charge? All you need to do is load a Schiphol Annual Subscription (JAS) onto your public transport (OV) chip card. Are you planning to buy an NS Business Card? If so, contact the VCC first. They can obtain discounts on 1st and 2nd class subscriptions for you.

Information for two-wheeled vehicles

Do you travel to Schiphol by motorcycle, scooter or moped, cycle to and from the airport on a regular basis or cycle from the car park to your workplace? If so, you should know that the airport offers special facilities such as motorcycle parking and bicycle lockers.

Further information

Contact the VCC if you would like more information about public or other transport at Schiphol or commuting to and from the airport. Call +31 (0)20 653 1264, send an email to or visit vcc-