Schiphol Safety Platform Expert Groups: Working for safety at Schiphol

The Schiphol Safety Platform (VpS) makes our airport an international leader in the field of safety collaboration. Thanks to close collaboration between chain partners under the guidance of the VpS, Schiphol is growing ever safer.

Expert group flight safety

The members of the VpS regularly meet in Expert Groups to discuss safety situations during daily operations. Current or potential safety problems are analysed and can then be tackled as quickly as possible by specialist working groups. Where necessary the VpS draws up overarching policy.

Flight Safety Expert Group

This group works to reduce the number of runway incursions at Schiphol and to improve flight safety in the Schiphol TMA with a broad-based bird control programme.

The Runway Safety Team (RST) is an important working group within Flight Safety. In recent years the team has analysed and improved the traffic situation on and around the runways in many ways.

Ground Safety Expert Group

This group aims to minimise the chance of damage or injury by litter and works on structural improvements to safety in the docking, connecting, loading and unloading of aircraft.

Cargo Safety Expert Group

This group analyses trends and makes recommendations for improving safety on the cargo aprons, ranging from traffic flows to thunderstorm alert systems and managing hazardous substances.

Terminal Safety Expert Group

In 2017 the Terminal Safety Expert Group is being set up, with a focus on improving safety in all processes in the airport’s terminal complex and in the day-to-day situation on the roads around Schiphol-Centre.