Working safely, together: Safety first at work

Carrying out construction or maintenance work in the heart of the busy, round-the-clock Schiphol operation can be very challenging. No matter what, the rule is always: safety first. A safe Schiphol is a shared concern, it affects us all. But safety does not come automatically. By taking responsibility and complying with rules and regulations, you are doing your part to create a safe work environment. Here, you will find all the important information you need in order to perform construction or maintenance work safely.

Report accidents, incidents and unsafe situations

Contribute to a safer working environment at Schiphol by reporting accidents, incidents and unsafe situations as soon as possible by phone or via the online form.

In urgent situations, call 020 601 2222

Safety Alerts

The goal of a Safety Alert is to promptly make people aware of an incident that had or could have had significant consequences, and to learn from it for future activities.
Safety Alerts are effective because they are short and powerful statements about what has happened that are widely distributed among stakeholders. In the longer term, and after thorough analysis, suggestions for improvements will be made.

  • HSE Policy

    Our Health, Safety & Environment policy contributes to a healthy and safe (working) environment.

  • The Golden Rules of Safety

    To minimise the risk of incidents and accidents, we have established the Golden Rules of Safety. Make sure you know these Rules!

  • Current events

    Follow the latest developments in the area of Health, Safety & Environment.

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