Safety Platform: Working together for safety

The many companies at Schiphol are individually responsible for safety within their operation and also in the chain(s) in which they are active. The airport has set up the Schiphol Safety Platform (VpS) to ensure collaboration between all chain partners. This umbrella organisation identifies safety risks, coordinates measures, takes proactive measures and informs stakeholders accordingly. In this way the VpS monitors and optimises integral safety at the airport.

Specialist teams

The Schiphol Safety Platform comprises the 'Flight Safety', 'Ground Safety' and 'Cargo Safety' Expert Groups, which in turn include various working groups.

Organisation chart

Regular activities

Every two months the VpS carries out a new safety campaign, featuring themes such as preventing insecure loads and promoting runway safety. The ‘Schoon Schip(hol)’ (Shipshape Schiphol) campaign focuses on the need to keep airside zones clean to prevent aircraft damage. In the Safety Observation Round, teams from the involved parties analyse airside activities and processes and discuss safe and unsafe situations with airside staff.

Shared responsibility

Various regular chain partners collaborate closely in the Schiphol Safety Platform; these include airlines, refuelling services, handling agents, Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL) and catering and cleaning companies. The VpS and these parties together discuss safety situations, analyse risks, learn lessons from incidents and develop new control measures.