Recharge while you work: Electric charging for staff

Schiphol Parking has installed electric charge point at various staff parking locations. You can use these points if you have access to one of these parking locations, an electric car and a universal charging card. It costs € 0.54 per kWh to use our EV charge points, with an initial starting rate of € 1.21 (rates are incl. VAT). It is not possible to reserve parking spaces that offer electric charging, so we cannot guarantee their availability.

Locations of electric charging stations

Our charging stations are in the following locations:

  • staff car park P12, near the entrance on the ground floor;
  • staff car park P30, in the ECO2/carpool zone;
  • staff car park P40, in the ECO2/carpool zone;
  • P57, near the entrance;
  • P1 WTC, level -1, opposite the red stairwell.

What do you need to use the charging stations?

The charging stations at Schiphol are suitable for all charging passes issued by common Dutch service providers. You will also need a parking permit on your Schiphol Pass or a separate parking subscription in order to gain access to the parking location.

All the charging stations are occupied, what now?

There are a limited number of electric charging stations at Schiphol and they cannot be reserved. If all the charging stations at your parking location are occupied, you will therefore need to park in a normal space. We keep a close eye on how often our charging stations are used. On the basis of this data, we then decide whether to expand the number of spaces.


Do you have a question or comment about charging electric vehicles? Contact the Customer Contact Centre via

Frequently asked questions

Are there lower rates for charging at P30 and P40?

No, the same charging rates apply for both staff and the public. Staff parking spots at P30 and P40 attract the same fees as parking in public places (P12).

What do I pay for charging my car?

You pay a starting rate of € 1.21 and then € 0.54 cents per kWh (rates are incl. VAT).

Can I also charge if I do not have an ECO₂ permit?

Yes, you can only enter the vignette area for electric charging.

Can I also charge if I do not have an ECO₂ permit? (1)

No, your Schiphol pass does not have to be change. You pay with your own EV charging pass (laadpas).

Will more EV charge points be added soon?

Yes, P5 will be expanded shortly.

Can I book a charging station in advance?

No, unfortunately you cannot book a charging station.

Do I need to move my car once it’s charged?

If your car is fully charged, please move your car to a parking place without a charging station! Then the next car can be charged.