Personal protection equipment : Wear the right PPE

You can prevent many accidents and incidents with proper preparation and the right attitude. You should also make sure that you always wear appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE) for your work, such as high visibility work clothing, a hard hat, safety boots with ankle protection, safety gloves and safety glasses. These will protect you from physical injury and are therefore compulsory at all work locations at Schiphol.

Depending on the work you do, you may have to wear multiple or specific PPE, such as hearing protection. So make sure that you always perform a Task Risk Analysis to decide what the appropriate measures are for your work and which PPE you will need.

Golden Rule 9: I use the required personal protection equipment

  • Take note of the signs when entering a construction site.
  • Only use approved personal protection equipment.
  • Remind others of the need to wear PPE if they are not doing so.
  • Check the condition of your PPE on a regular basis.