Our Health, Safety and Environmental Policy: Safety comes first

Safety is one of the core values of Schiphol. And as such, is the responsibility of us all. To ensure that we all contribute to healthy and safe (working) environments and operational processes, we have drawn up the Health, Safety & Environment policy. Its key objective is to prevent injury and damage.

Important rules, principles and regulations

Our starting principles, regulations and provisions in the area of Health, Safety & Environment are set out in three documents.
You can find the starting principles in the policy statement Health, Safety & Environment and in the Safety Leadership Principles.

You can find our regulations and provisions in the Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Standard. This HSE Standard applies to anyone who performs construction or maintenance works at Schiphol, or who enters those construction areas and/or technical areas or rooms.

Pocket Guide Safety & Security

The Pocket Guide Safety & Security contains a summary of the Schiphol Regulations and other useful information about safety, security, environment and working conditions.