Safety is not a given: Golden Rules of Safety

Schiphol is always on the move. While millions of passengers and tons of cargo move through the airport non-stop, hundreds of companies work with and alongside each other 24/7 and non-stop construction and maintenance activities take place. It is certainly not a given for all this to take place in complete safety, as the work involves various risks. We must all work together to manage these risks and minimise the chance of incidents and accidents. The Golden Rules of Safety help us to achieve this.

Golden Rules of Safety

The Golden Rules of Safety stem from the main risks involved in working at our airport. They are important tools which will help you to work safely. You must therefore make sure that you are familiar with them and apply them at all times and in all places. Safety is a shared responsibility, so remind each other of the rules and tackle your colleagues about any unsafe behaviour. All under our motto: safety first.