Fire-hazardous work: Hot work requires permit

Do you carry out work that could involve flame, smoke, dust or other fire-like effects? Then be aware of the risks and always work according to the rules. Schiphol sets strict requirements on this matter. You are only allowed to do ‘hot work’ in buildings and on airside if you have a Hot Work Permit (HWP-vergunning in Dutch).

Golden Rule 6: I only do ‘hot work’ with a Hot Work Permit

  • Check that you have the correct permit;
  • Make sure you always have a fire extinguisher close at hand;
  • Cover or remove flammable material;
  • Always keep emergency routes clear of obstacles;
  • Make sure that someone trained in first aid is close by when carrying out fire hazardous work.

Wil je een Brandmeldinstallatie of Sprinklerinstallatie buiten werking stellen? Neem contact op met de afdeling Bedrijfsvoering van ASM.

Do you want to disable a fire alarm system or sprinklers? Get in touch with Asset Management (ASM).