Park responsibly, go for green: Parking for companies & staff

Schiphol encourages staff transport with low CO2 emissions. We therefore offer special parking spaces for staff who carpool, drive an electric car or have an ECO2 sticker.

Charging electric vehicles

We have electric charging points at various staff parking locations. They can be used by employees who have access to the relevant car parks and parking garages.


Priority parking is available for carpoolers at P30 and P40. These spaces are reserved for holders of a carpool vignette. It is, however, no longer possible to request new carpool stickers. Currently issued stickers will still be renewed.

ECO2 stickers

Small, hybrid or electric cars with maximum emissions of 95 grams of CO2 per kilometre are eligible for an ECO2 sticker. This entitles the holder to priority parking at P30 or P40.