Coaches at Schiphol

In the future, passengers will be set to benefit from an improved bus station at Schiphol. The current bus station is scheduled to be updated and renovated for this purpose. To make room for this renovation, various modes of transportation, including coaches, will be moved to another location. From 26 February, coach drivers can use the new stop. This is a paid location. Until 2 September, coaches can also park for free on C lane at the arrivals passageway.


A coach only has access (until 2 September 2024) to the new location if a contract has been agreed. After that, parking tickets will be available even without a contract. The new space for coaches offers various advantages to drivers and passengers. Passengers will be sheltered from the elements while walking to the coaches, and because there are fewer crossings the route to the bus stop is also safer. Traffic can be better regulated here. And at busy times, a primary point of contact will be present for drivers and passengers. The new location is appealing for passengers of coaches and taxis ordered through an app, parking shuttles and collective crew transport.

The new location for coaches will be indicated using signage from 2 September 2024. You can then follow the signs stating ‘touringcar coaches’

touringcar coaches 01

The new location is also easily accessible for passengers.

plattegrond touringcars

What is set to change?

From 26 February 2024 (until 2 September 2024) we will close the C lane using a barrier. A traffic steward will be there to open (free) the barrier for coaches. From September 2024, this lane will be completely closed and all coaches will be sent to the new location at Koepelstraat.

The D lane will be closed as of 26 February. At the moment, the D lane is used as a stop for collective crew transport. From 26 February, this transport option will be moved to the new location at Koepelstraat.

Koepelstraat fees

Parking at the new location costs €15 for the first 25 minutes. After that it is €10 for every subsequent 15 minutes. You can pay electronically at the parking location. Do you frequently travel to Schiphol to pick up or drop off passengers? You can also conclude a contract for this purpose. Please contact STA Axxicom via for more information about contracts.

Longer parking?

Coaches need to leave the area within 30 minutes. Would you like to park for longer? You can stay at P41 for up to 6 hours. This location also has a kiosk with a toilet. It takes approximately 5 minutes to drive to Schiphol Centre from P41. Press the Intercom at P41 for access.

The new coach terminal allows for parking that exceeds 30 minutes, at an extra fee. In the future, coaches that have to wait at Schiphol for longer periods of time will still be able to do so free of charge at P41.

touringcar coaches 02

Conditions for access

Only vehicles that fall under the Road Traffic Act, category Bus (M2 or M3), have access to the C lane. These are motor vehicles with 4 or more wheels and 9 or more seats, including the driver’s seat.

For departures, only vehicles with a weight of up to 30 tonnes and a maximum axle load of 7.5 tonnes can drop off passengers here free of charge. Heavier vehicles do not have access to the departures passageway. These vehicles will be allowed to go to C lane (until 2 September 2024) and the new location at Koepelstraat.