Staff parking for carpoolers: Share a car, share the benefits

There are car spaces in front of P30 and P40 which are only available for carpoolers. You need a carpool permit in order to use them. It is no longer possible to request new carpool stickers. You can still annually renew an existing carpool sticker, though.

As of 1 July 2022, Carpool parking is coming to an end. Unfortunately, we have noticed improper use on a regular basis (only one person in the car). Furthermore, it is not linked to vehicle emissions. Carpoolers with a vehicle that meets emission criteria are of course more than welcome at the special ECO spots after 1 July.

Extending your current priority carpool space annually

A carpool sticker for P30 and P40 costs € 32.50 per year and is valid for a maximum of one calender year, from 1 January to 31 December. If you have a priority carpool space, you will receive an email in October of each year inviting you to extend this privilege by a calander year.

Don't you have a carpool space yet? Then unfortunately, it is no longer possible to request a new one.

Already have a carpool sticker

Attach the hanger, with its sticker, to your car's rear-view mirror, ensuring that it is clearly visible. The sticker is strictly personal and may not be loaned, copied or modified in any way.

Sanctions for incorrect use

If one of the registered carpool partners misuses the sticker or the parking permit, the consequences also apply to the other registered participants in that pool. In the event of repeated infringements, the carpool sticker will be withdrawn or the participants may even be banned from the staff car park.