All measures at a glance

We have taken measures for your safety and that of your colleagues and travellers in order to reduce the risk of a new outbreak of the coronavirus. You may already know many of these measures, because they have been implemented everywhere in the Netherlands. However, many travellers from other countries converge at Schiphol who may not be familiar with corona measures in the Netherlands. All measures are listed below for your reference.

Clean hands are helping hands

Please touch as few things as possible and wash your hands regularly. You can do so in the toilets, but there are also dispensers everywhere with Schiphol hand sanitiser. Please feel free to use it and alert others. We are cleaning more than usual in the terminal and offices and are focusing on contact points such as door handles, knobs and banisters.

Face masks

Schiphol urges staff to wear a face mask in all passenger areas of the terminal. At the vast majority of European airports, wearing a face mask throughout the airport is obligatory. Schiphol would like to align with international policy to provide travellers with the level of clarity they expect from us.

Apart from that, wearing a face mask is mandatory:

  1. It is mandatory to wear a non-medical face mask in places where maintaining a 1.5 metre distance cannot be guaranteed. This policy has been in place since 15th June 2020 and is part of a special protocol for safe travel developed by the aviation sector and the Dutch government. This applies to passengers and staff.
  2. Wearing a face mask is mandatory in these areas as well:
  • At all departure halls
  • At security and passport control areas
  • At the gates during the boarding process
  • In the reclaim halls
  • On the buses to and from the car parks
  • On the buses to and from the plane.
  • In the staff passages
  • At the entrance to the COVID-19 testing centre

Thank you for setting a good example.

If you forget to bring your mask, they will be for sale at various shops at Schiphol Plaza, including the pharmacy and at Hema. There are several vending machines with face masks in the terminal.

Maintain a safe distance

We have applied markings and stickers that help you follow the correct routes everywhere at Schiphol so that you can maintain a distance of 1.5-metres from others. Walkways, entrances and exits have all been clearly marked. You often encounter these indications inside the terminal and office buildings. You will also find markings in the Baggage Basement and every second carousel is in use, so that you can keep your distance easily when working.

Please be aware of points where you may encounter others, such as at the entrances, stairs and passageways. There are clear indications at the lifts about how many people can use it at the same time. Please use the stairs if possible, unless there is no other option. Please keep six steps away from others on the stairs. Please note that some stairs are one-way only. If you need use an emergency staircase, make sure that you close the doors properly to adhere to fire safety rules. If you would like to sit somewhere to relax, there are limited seats available that will enable you to keep a safe distance.

Splash guards and plexiglass partitions

It is a challenge to maintain a distance of 1.5-metres at the desks. That is why most of them are equipped with transparent screens. You will see them at the information and check-in desks and at the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee desks, among other places.

Extra protection in staff passages

For the safety of colleagues and security staff, various measures have been taken at personnel passageways:

  • You will see markings everywhere to maintain 1.5-metres of distance
  • The iris scan lock and containers for security will be cleaned more thoroughly than usual
  • Security guards will wear face masks and gloves
  • The security checks have been changed in consultation with the RIVM and NCTV.

Please check in advance whether you are wearing any objects in your clothes or on your body in order to smoothly pass through the security checks. Please place all items in the bins that go through the hand baggage scanner. That way, you will avoid an alarm, a situation where you have to go through the gate again, or where you need to be searched unnecessarily. That will keep it smooth and safe for yourself and your colleagues. You will also pass through controls much faster. A face mask is mandatory in the staff passages.

Hospitable to visitors

As Schiphol staff, you are ambassadors for the airport. Travellers and visitors may find it quite scary to be walking through a busy international airport during this time, so please be extra hospitable. That can be achieved 1.5-metres. If people come too close, please take a step back and ask them kindly if they can maintain 1.5-metres distance from you. You will still be able to answer questions from that distance. If you cannot maintain a distance of 1.5-metres for whatever reasons, there will probably be specific instructions, such as to wear a face mask and gloves. Please check with your employer if this applies to you. Splash guards have been placed at the counters to protect both employees and travellers.

Come to the airport in work clothes

If you have a locker at Schiphol for your work clothes, it can be hard to maintain your distance in many changing rooms when there are several people changing at one time. If that happens, please consider wearing your work clothing to work so that you don't have to change clothes again at Schiphol.

Talk to each other

Schiphol uses safeguards that monitor compliance with safety measures, including maintaining a distance or wearing a face mask. Please hold each other accountable in complying with the corona measures. Please do so in a respectful way and appreciate it when others ask the same of you. It means that you care about each other's safety and the safety of travellers.