Safety, health and environmental developments: Timeliness in safety

Below, you will find the most important recent changes in the (statutory) developments and regulations in the area of Health, Safety & Environment. This is also where safety news and alerts are published.

Most recent changes

31-03-2022: Film conscious safety day
22-04-2021: HSE 3.0 EN and kick off HSE 3.0 EN added on HSE policy page
13-04-2021: Schiphol Construction & Maintenance Measures to prevent the spread of the Covid19 virus added on HSE in construction and maintenance processes
02-02-2021: Safety News issue 4 January 2021 (in Dutch only)
08-01-2021: Schiphol Construction & Maintenance COVID-19 Minimum Requirements added on HSE in construction and maintenance processes
10-12-2020: Procedure for entering closed-off areas added to closed-off areas page
04-12-2020: Safety Leader Principles added on HSE policy page
26-10-2020: Corona: Working safely together added
26-10-2020: Generic Exemption List for TRA Schiphol updated (version 7)
26-10-2020: Basis for roof safety added
23-10-2020: New page about the issued Safety Alerts
23-10-2020: New memo about saw tables
22-04-2020: HSE Standard version 2.0 published
29-01-2020: Safety News - January 2020
29-01-2020: Safety Alert: Take off your lanyard and Schiphol badge when you get in the car.
28-01-2020: More information about the coronavirus can be found in the message 'Coronavirus outbreak in China'.
28-01-2020: Toolbox cables was added
24-01-2020: Update to asbestos management plan
21-01-2020: Toolbox E-safety was added
23-10-2019: Operational requirements for construction work in the Terminal and attachments added
16-10-2019: Chromium Trioxide and Lead Management Plan updated
26-09-2019: Health and Safety Catalogue AC050 and AC051 (Electrical engineering) added
25-09-2019: Process to decrease PBM-standard changed