Sustainable working and living: A focus on people

People are the most crucial engine that keeps Schiphol running: travellers, employees at Schiphol, day trippers and last but certainly not least our neighbours. We believe it is important that everyone feels welcome at Schiphol, and lives and works in a healthy and safe environment.

EEN DUURZAME TOEKOMST 2 focus op mensen

Sustainable employment

The activities at and around Schiphol and the Schiphol Group's other airports are an important driver of the Dutch economy and employment. Did you know that passenger and cargo transport generates 300,000 jobs? The Schiphol location alone accommodates some 500 companies that collectively provide jobs for around 65,000 employees.

Inclusive business practices as spearhead

Inclusive business practices have become one of our employment policy spearheads. Consequently, we signed the Diversity Charter in the summer of 2015. In late 2015 we launched the ‘Aviation Inclusive’ collaboration project in conjunction with employer's association ANWV. This initiative is in line with the Participation Act. Businesses in the Schiphol region expressed their intention to create more jobs for people with occupational disabilities. This programme took shape in 2016 with support from Aviation Community Schiphol.

Aviation Community Schiphol

Schiphol Group is a partner of Aviation Community Schiphol, joining KLM and the Regional Training Centre (ROC) of Amsterdam. This makes the College even more powerful and effective in developing and organising working and learning programmes for the aviation sector. It combines the strengths of aviation-related businesses, vocational training and government bodies in the region.

Every year, Aviation Community Schiphol provides training to some six hundred students and offers work placement positions for three hundred students. One thousand employees also receive training or take courses each year. In this way, Aviation Community Schiphol is contributing to sustainable employment at the airport.