Sustainable employment

Schiphol creates jobs at the airport, but also in local companies. One of the priorities in our employment policy is inclusive business practice. We value people for their attributes and talents – for who they are, regardless of their cultural background, employment history, gender, sexual orientation or physical disability. Through Airport Community Schiphol we contribute to training and education, and to a stable regional job market.

Driving force for employment

The activities at and around Schiphol are a key driving force for employment and the Dutch economy. There are around 500 companies located at Schiphol that employ a total of over 65,000 people. If we also include other employment in the region, then Schiphol provides around 300,000 jobs.

Inclusive business practices

One of our priorities when it comes to employment policy is inclusivity. Schiphol Group signed the Diversity Charter in the summer of 2015. At the end of 2015, we took the initiative for the Inclusive Aviation cooperation programme together with employer’s association ANWV. Employers in the Schiphol area have voiced their intention to create more jobs for job seekers with disabilities. The programme was finalised in 2016 and is supported by Airport Community Schiphol.

Airport Community Schiphol

Schiphol, along with KLM and the ROC school in Amsterdam, is a partner of Airport Community Schiphol. Every year it offers education to around 600 students and helps 300 students to find an internship. It also provides training and schooling to one thousand employers each year. Airport Community Schiphol makes a real difference to sustainable employment at the airport and strengthens the labour market.