Focus on five strategic pillars

Royal Schiphol Group strives to maintain and boost the position of Mainport Schiphol by achieving success right across the board. In order to realise this, our strategy for the years leading up to 2020 focuses on five strategic pillars: Sustainable & Safe Performance, Top Connectivity, Excellent Visit Value, Competitive Marketplace and Development of the Group.

Top Connectivity

Among others, Mainport Schiphol's principal strength is its extensive network of connections. This is due in part to our home carrier and partners: an intricate network that makes Schiphol one of Europe's key hubs. Good road and rail access is essential for ensuring the connectivity of our airports.

Excellent Visit Value

Airlines, passengers and all other users of our airports can expect the very best quality for an attractive price. After all, our ambition is to be Europe’s Preferred Airport, so passenger experience is key. We invest in high-quality capacity and a superb range of commercial products. We also invest in digital processes and resources that boost the passenger experience for our customers.

Competitive Marketplace

Our airports are easily accessible by road and air and offer excellent parking facilities. Two important reasons why so many companies see our airports as attractive business and visitor locations. To maintain this status, we offer businesses the opportunity to share and combine knowledge and skills. Furthermore, we continuously optimise the quality of the working environment by developing innovative lease concepts and facilities. For cargo companies and logistics service provides we invest in capacity.

Development of the Group

The creation of synergy within the group is a high priority in order to improve our organisation and develop the group into a High-Performance organisation. We actively strive for inclusive business practice and fully coordinate major investment projects. We are also expanding our international activities, with a focus on the airports with the greatest strategic relevance to Schiphol's status as a mainport. Our financial policy is solid and future-oriented.

Sustainable & Safe Performance

Sustainability and safety are the essential preconditions of everything we do. These two themes transcend the interests of our business and are a fixed and integral consideration in the decisions we make. We accept and fulfil our social responsibility and make conscious decisions to balance social, ecological, commercial and financial interests: in other words, people, planet and profit.

Maintaining a healthy and safe working environment for staff as well as safe surroundings for passengers and local residents is a top priority. Our airports can only grow in harmony with the local community. For this reason, we continue to invest in a good relationship with administrators, local residents, sector partners and the government.