Schiphol receives medal for sustainability policy

Ecovadis has awarded us a bronze medal for our policy on sustainability. This means that we belong to the most sustainable 50% of all organisations that had an assesment carried out. At the same time, we are taking immediate steps for improvement in the area where we score the least: Sustainable Procurement.

Ecovadis is an instrument used by organisations to assess their suppliers on the sustainability of their business operations. This helps those companies to improve their own sustainability in the chain.

We had an assessment done by Ecovadis at the request of International Airlines Group (comprising various airlines, including British Airways, Air Lingus, Iberia and Vueling). We scored well on the topics Environment, Labor & Human Rights and Ethics, but it turned out that we could still make some improvements in the area of Sustainable Procurement.


It's a good thing, then, that on Thursday 8 June we were one of the first organisations in the Netherlands to sign the Sustainable Procurement Manifesto. The aim of this manifesto is to use procurement as a tool to drive sustainability throughout the chain. The manifesto is an initiative of MVO Nederland, SDG Nederland and NEVI. After it was signed, the manifesto was handed over to Jan Hendrik Dronkers, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management.

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