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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, The Netherlands

Our flagship airport is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands. In 2019, Schiphol had the third-highest number of passengers, the fourth-highest volume of cargo and ranked third in number of air transport movements in Europe. As many as 71.7 million passengers travelled to and from Schiphol from five take-off and landing runways. Some 1.57 million metric tonnes of cargo were transported via our airport and 496,826 air transport movements were carried out to 332 destinations.

Thanks to an extensive network of 332 destinations in almost 100 countries and a high frequency of air transport movements, Schiphol is considered to be one of Europe’s ‘hubs’ or ‘mainports’. At Schiphol, we serve 102 airlines. We are the home base of KLM and one of the two hubs of the SkyTeam Alliance of Air France-KLM.
Schiphol provides infrastructure and facilities for departing, arriving and transferring passengers and cargo.

Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport, the Netherlands

Together with the Province of Noord-Brabant and the Municipality of Eindhoven, Royal Schiphol Group is the joint owner of Eindhoven Airport. It is an efficient airport with scheduled services and holiday flights to numerous European destinations. In 2019, 6.7 million passengers used this regional airport.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Rotterdam The Hague Airport, the Netherlands

Royal Schiphol Group is 100% owner and operator of Rotterdam The Hague Airport. In 2019, 2.1 million passengers used this regional airport to fly to commercial and tourist destinations.

Lelystad Airport, the Netherlands

Lelystad Airport is a full subsidiary of Royal Schiphol Group. Lelystad has been developed into an airport for leisure traffic. Currently, it is the Netherlands’ largest airport for general aviation, the international designation for private and business flights using aircraft for no more than 20 passengers.

Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Interior

Groupe ADP, France

Royal Schiphol Group entered into a strategic collaboration with Groupe ADP (Aéroports de Paris) in 2008. They own the 3 main airports in Paris, among others. Those airports are Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget.

Our long-term cooperation agreement involves cooperation in various areas, as well as an 8% cross-participation in one another. In addition to the cross-shareholding, the CEO and CFO of Royal Schiphol Group have representation on the Groupe ADP Board of Directors and Groupe ADP has a representative on the Royal Schiphol Group Supervisory Board.

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