Safe and healthy work environment

Schiphol wants to offer its employees a safe and healthy work environment. Many measures have been taken and many safety procedures have been established to achieve just that. Employees can bring their knowledge up to the required level at the Safety Training Centre. Schiphol is always looking at how to improve working conditions for employees – for those involved in the traveller process in the terminal as well as those in the office.

A healthy work environment is a pleasant and enjoyable work environment. That’s why we have 24/7 childcare, a gym and the SPOT Schiphol Community .

Safe work environment

Safety is one of Schiphol’s core values. It’s the result of extensive efforts and compliance with rules and agreements. Every employee plays their part. The Health, Safety and Environment policy was set up in order to ensure that everyone contributes to a safe and healthy (work) environment and adheres to company protocols.

Healthy work environment

Schiphol works closely with its partners to improve the working conditions for employees. In the baggage basement, for example, robots and lifting aids do some of the heavy work. And standing seats have been introduced for security staff.

We take responsibility for the health and welfare of our employees in Schiphol’s various office buildings. These buildings are therefore becoming ever smarter, healthier, more flexible and more sustainable.

SPOT Schiphol Community

The SPOT Schiphol Community was set up to connect the various companies based at Schiphol. It now has around 2,000 active members from more than 360 different businesses. SPOT organises online and offline activities.