Amref Flying Doctors Partnership: Working together to improve health in Africa

In January 2017, Schiphol and international health organisation Amref Flying Doctors entered into a three-year partnership in order to raise funds and highlight the need for better healthcare in Africa.

Amref Flying Doctors

Healthcare for two million people

The aim of the partnership is to provide around 4,000 people in Africa with medical training, giving some two million people access to healthcare as a result. One of the ways in which Schiphol and Amref Flying Doctors will be raising funds is by means of collection points in the terminals.

Connection brings us closer

Amref Flying Doctors and Royal Schiphol Group have a clear link. Royal Schiphol Group’s mission is to connect the Netherlands with the rest of the world and people with each other. Amref Flying Doctors connects medical personnel with the most remote and inhospitable regions of Africa, including by means of their medical flights.

About Amref Flying Doctors

Over the past sixty years, Amref has developed into the main African health organisation. It strives to make systematic improvements to African healthcare while focusing on the needs, but above all the strength, of the African population.

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