Doortrekken Noord/Zuidlijn: Getting to Schiphol by metro

Seven stakeholders have agreed to contribute a total of 1.025 billion euros towards the extension of the North/South metro line to Schiphol and Hoofddorp, and to complete the Ringlijn metro line. Schiphol, Amsterdam Transport Authority, Amsterdam, Haarlemmermeer, Noord-Holland, KLM and NS are all contributing to the project. These parties hope that the government will provide the rest of the funding, e.g. with money from the National Growth Fund (Nationaal Groeifonds).

Metro line to free up space for international trains in Schiphol Tunnel

When the North/South metro line has been extended to Schiphol and Hoofddorp, travellers and commuters will be able to take the underground for short journeys. If more travellers come to Schiphol by metro, space will be freed up in the Schiphol Tunnel. The number of Sprinter trains can then be reduced, meaning that there will be more room for national and international trains. Consequently, the Schiphol Tunnel may be able to accommodate eight more trains per hour. These could be used for (extra) connections to cities including Eindhoven, Arnhem, Düsseldorf and Berlin.

Strengthening Schiphol’s position as a multimodal hub

Schiphol is a unique multimodal hub. Various different forms of transport meet at the airport: plane, train, bus, car, and hopefully soon the metro too. To strengthen this position, we are investing in our train and bus station, and we are advocating for the extension of the North/South metro line.

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