Chief Operations Officer: Birgit Otto

Birgit Otto - Chief Operations Officer (COO) Schiphol

'We want to provide travellers and airlines with the best experience possible. We also look ahead and ask, how can we help them even more tomorrow? We always work with a 'perform today and create tomorrow' vision. Schiphol is very dynamic given all the different issues and stakeholders involved. I started working at Schiphol fifteen years ago. At the time, the vision was to increase our customer focus. That inspired me as much then as it does today. Flying is an emotional experience, even when I travel. It does not matter where you go, I think it's great to depart from Schiphol and meet new people on the journey.'

Ms B.I. Otto

(b. 1963, Dutch nationality)

Member of the Management Board and COO since 1 September 2014

Second term expires on 31 August 2022

  • Member of the Supervisory Board of Eindhoven Airport N.V.
  • Member of the Board of ACI Europe
  • Member of the Board of Next Generation Infrastructure
  • Chair of the Schiphol Security and Public Safety Steering Group
  • Chair of the joint sector Safety Review Board