Mobility and transport projects: Optimum mobility

You want to reach Schiphol on time and not spend too much time getting home again. An easily accessible airport is therefore extremely important. But so is good air quality in and around Schiphol. Consequently, the focus of our mobility and transport policy is clean and less road traffic from, to and at Schiphol.

EEN DUURZAME TOEKOMST 4 optimale mobiliteit

We want to be the leader in reducing NOx, PMx and fine particles produced by motorised transport. We feel this is important for the health of our employees and the local community. We do our part through the following projects.

Electric transport to and from Schiphol

Have you already noticed? More and more electrically powered vehicles are in use at and around Schiphol. We wholeheartedly support this positive development. Therefore, a number of taxi companies at Schiphol operate a fleet of more than 300 electric taxis.

In addition, we discourage picking up and dropping off passengers by car; after all, this involves four car trips.

Electric transport between aircraft and gate

We take our objective seriously not only in the all-access parts of the airport, but also in the areas off-limits to the general public. Currently, we now have 35 electric buses to transport passengers between their aircraft and their gate. These buses were specially designed for and in cooperation with the airport.

We will be replacing more and more passenger buses with electric models in the years ahead. Vans and trucks will follow.

400 Hz installations

Stationary aircraft normally use their kerosene-driven auxiliary motors or a diesel-powered generator to supply electricity and climate control. To reduce this, we equipped 73 aircraft stands with installations for Fixed Electrical Ground Power (400 Hz) and pre-conditioned air units.

Charging your electric car

We welcome electric cars. Schiphol Parking is making sure that you can charge your electric car at an increasing number of places. Electric charging stations can be found in numerous Schiphol Parking car parks.