Mission: Connecting the Netherlands

Schiphol Group is an airport company with an important socio-economic task. The airports of the group, and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in particular, create value for society and for the economy. Based on our mission of Connecting the Netherlands we facilitate optimal links with the rest of the world, contributing to prosperity and well-being both in the Netherlands and beyond.

Mainport Schiphol's core strength is its network of destinations. This network defines how we contribute to prosperity and well-being in the metropolitan region of the Netherlands and nationwide, as well as in other countries, cities and regions to which we are connected.

It is this network that puts the Netherlands in direct contact with key economic centres across the globe, and that allows Dutch entrepreneurs to conduct business worldwide. Conversely, the network also improves the local region's competitive position by making it an attractive business environment for international companies. This creates a competitive marketplace – a driver for economic growth. By facilitating this network and all the associated activities, Schiphol Group contributes to prosperity. We call this Connecting to compete.

This network of connections is also of great social value. Its constituent airports make the Netherlands larger and the world more accessible. The more refined the network, the easier it is for people to connect, share knowledge and bridge cultural differences. In this way, Schiphol also contributes to social networks and social wealth, in a form of personal and cultural enrichment that cannot only be expressed in the bottom line. In other words, we are Connecting to complete.

We take people, the environment and the surrounding region into account in everything we do. We are conscious of the impact of aviation activities, and realise that the benefits and drawbacks of the airport are not evenly distributed across the surrounding region. This is why we are constantly working with our stakeholders to minimise noise and inconvenience and continue to invest primarily with a view to improving the quality of life in the region.