Director Asset Management: Sybren Hahn

'Schiphol is a fantastic place where people come together for many different reasons; they depart, arrive, meet, reunite, work, shop, travel on and so much more. I have travelled a lot for work over the past few years. For me, Schiphol is a place where my travel adventures begin and whenever I return and set foot in the terminal it feels like coming home. There is something that makes Schiphol a magical place; the atmosphere here is unique in the world. Asset Management contributes to that. On the one hand, we make sure that everything at the airport works – from the lights and runways to everything in the terminal. On the other hand, we help build a sustainable future so that the magic of Schiphol can be maintained. I am really looking forward to flying to New York soon. I used to live there and it's where I got engaged. It will always be a special place to return to.'