Contact with our neighbours

Good relations with our neighbours are essential to finding a better balance between the positive and negative effects of aviation. This allows us to get a clearer picture of the effects of air traffic and take appropriate measures. We inform local residents about our activities, provide them with the opportunity to report nuisance and we keep in close contact by way of discussions, meetings and visits.

Local Community Contact Centre

The Local Community Contact Centre (BAS) works 24/7 to facilitate dialogue between Schiphol’s neighbours and the aviation sector. BAS informs local residents and other stakeholders about air traffic (runway use and noise measurements, for example). BAS is also the first port of call for complaints about air traffic. With these complaints, BAS is able to establish a full picture of the nuisance experienced by the local community. This is then reported to Schiphol, LVNL and Schiphol Local Community (ORS).

Information for our neighbours

Living close to an airport has its advantages but Schiphol is also fully aware that there are disadvantages too. We strive to provide the local community with as much information about our activities as possible. For example, if you are living under a flight path, how runway use is determined or which runway is undergoing maintenance. There is a clear overview of all information and news updates on our website.

Keep up to date

There’s a monthly newsletter especially for those who live or work near the airport. In it, we keep you informed about runway maintenance, irregular runway use, and developments and activities relevant to Schiphol’s neighbours.