Code of Conduct, integrity guidelines, compliance and supplier code: Integrity within Schiphol

By integrity we mean that we do business honestly and treat each other with respect. This is very important to us. Because integrity also includes a transparent policy, we happily provide our stakeholders with an insight into the code of conduct and other rules that we adhere to.

Code of Conduct

How we treat each other within Schiphol is set out in Schiphol's Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct contains general rules of conduct and rules relating to matters such as contact with business relations and the use of IT facilities. It also includes agreements about handling and reporting of wrongdoing, such as unwanted behaviour and fraud.

Supplier code

In the context of integrity, Schiphol expects its suppliers to adhere to the Supplier Code, which describes guidelines on topics such as integrity and Corporate Responsibility.

Responsible Business Policy

Royal Schiphol Group strives to create the world's most sustainable and high-quality airports. To achieve this ambition, we believe that it is crucial to advocate for and uphold human rights. Our vision on human rights and how we fulfil our responsibility is set out in the Responsible Business Policy.

Compliance and integrity

To ensure that Schiphol staff behave ethically and comply with relevant laws, regulations and procedures, Schiphol has developed the compliance policy. This policy describes, among other things, the roles and responsibilities within Schiphol in relation to integrity. The compliance policy has been implemented through the Mind Your Step integrity programme, with which we create awareness for compliance and integrity through, for example, training courses.

Violation of laws, rules and procedures can result in damages to Schiphol and her stakeholders. It is everyones duty to make a report if they are aware of matters which violate our code of conduct, procedures or laws and regulations.

##File a report Employees can contact their manager, manager's manager, or contact the Integrity Committee directly.

For anonymous reports, employees can use an Integrity Reporting Line. The Integrity Report Line is managed by an external agency, People Intouch. Contractors can also use the Integrity Reporting Line to report behavior within the Schiphol organisation, that lacks integrity.

A report can be filed by calling the toll-free telephone number, 0800 022 2931 or by completing the online reporting form (access code 73371). The report is sent anonymously to the Integrity Committee of Royal Schiphol Group for research and possible follow-up actions. The sound recording of a telephone message is never handed over to Schiphol.

The reporter receives a report number. They use this number to log in on the Integrity Report Line to listen to a reply message. They may be asked for additional information about report.

##Contact For questions or comments about our compliance policy and integrity program, you can contact us via