Alternatives to short-haul flights

Schiphol is an advocate for using alternative modes of transport for short distances (up to 700 km). These alternatives include high-speed trains, autonomous road transport and Hyperloop. They do not use fossil fuels and they can relieve the pressure on scarce aviation capacity. In Europe, trains especially can be used as an alternative to flying short distances.

Schiphol is taking these measures

Schiphol is taking various measures to stimulate alternatives to short-haul flights:

  • Involvement in Actieagenda Trein en Luchtvaart (action agenda for rail and aviation). This is a cooperation with the government, KLM, NS and ProRail to encourage international train travel.
  • Improving the check-in for train travellers to and from our airports.
  • Advocating for the extension of the North/South Metro Line from Amsterdam to Schiphol and Hoofddorp. This means extra railroad capacity for international trains to and from Schiphol.
  • Collaboration with Dutch company Hardt Hyperloop to develop the hyperloop.