Handling the majority of all flights electrically: 400 Hz installations

Stationary aircraft normally use their kerosene-driven auxiliary motors or a diesel-powered generator to supply electricity and climate control. To reduce this, we equipped 73 aircraft stands with installations for Fixed Electrical Ground Power (400 Hz) and pre-conditioned air units.

As a result, stationary aircraft at these aircraft stands no longer need to hook up their auxiliary motors to a kerosene (APU) or diesel-powered generator (GPU) or pre-conditioned air (PCA) unit.

The infrastructure for this Fixed Electrical Ground Power fits into the entire infrastructure plan for Schiphol.

Airside, our handling agents are likewise increasingly using electrically powered equipment. The development necessitates effective harmonisation and planning. In addition to expanding electric transport we therefore are also investing in sufficient electric charging stations and enough electrical capacity. The airport provides charging points and electricity free of change, stimulating handling agents to use electrically powered vehicles.