10.000 new charging points: 10,000 new charging stations for electric vehicles

Schiphol Group will install up to 10,000 new charging points for electric vehicles by 2030, spread across all its airports. Besides Schiphol, these are Eindhoven Airport, Lelystad Airport and Rotterdam The Hague Airport. The additional charging points are necessary to make the airports emission-free by 2030.

Electric vehicles Schiphol


There are currently about 400 electric charging points at Schiphol, which are mainly used by electric cars. Capacity for this group of users will be significantly increased in the coming years. Loading capacity for electric trucks, buses and ground handling vehicles will also be added.

Schiphol has been electrifying for several years. Ground handling vehicles are now electric, as are hotel shuttles, taxis and buses.

Smart charging

Schiphol will manage its new electric infrastructure using a smart charge point operator (CPO) platform that will monitor all charging facilities and control them centrally. The charging facilities will be connected to the airport’s solar panels, allowing users to charge their cars with renewable energy when the sun shines while avoiding the risk of overloading the power grid.

The charging points will be installed by Ecotap and FIMIH, and the CPO platform will be provided by FIMIH and Maxem.

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